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The Platform

Serving The Community



Daniel (Danny) Jones was born and raised in Virginia.

I volunteered as a Firefighter/EMT for 6 years 

After I graduated H.S I became a General Manager of McDonalds at the age of 20 supervising over 50 employees maintaining AAA rated stores

I left McDonalds to join the United States Army

I served in the US Army for 9 years. I was a Military Police Sergeant. While serving I became a Law Enforcement, K-9 and Master weapons instructor. I deployed to Kosovo, Korea, Iraq and conducted security operations at the Pentagon after 911 attack. While deployed to Iraq I was injured which lead to me being honorably discharged under medical conditions, combat related. I also conducted 17 Secret Service missions that provided security for the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense and Chief of Staffs. I went to the Non-Commission Primary Leadership development school and United States Army Instructor School.

I received the Soldiers medal, Army commendation medals, Army Achievement medals, Joint Meritorious Unit medal, National Defense Service medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary medal, Global War on Terrorism Service medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign medal and numerous service ribbons. 

I received the Army Commendation Award for training over 50 soldiers in Military Police Combat task. I conducted a traffic stop that lead to the apprehension of 2 suspects with numerous felonies in multiple jurisdictions including the FBI, Secret Service and DEA in an Identity theft ring, recovering of $5.6 million worth of stolen checks, credit cards and lottery tickets. I was recognized for issuing over 1000 citations, and processing over a hundred DUI’s and hundreds of felony drug charges. 

When I left the military, I went to college and obtained a degree.

I then met and married a local woman in Nelson Co. I moved to Nelson and joined the Nelson Co Sheriff’s office. While serving as a Nelson deputy I had 135 arrests, 668 traffic summons, 202 IBR reports, issued 72 felony warrants, 224 misdemeanor warrants, numerous drug arrest and 20 DUI’s (I was awarded the MADD award for Nelson Co Sheriff’s Office). I implemented a K9 program where we raised almost $10,000.00 from our community. We obtained a certified dual-purpose drug dog donated to the sheriff’s office along with multiple items donated to the new K9 vehicle. 

I left Nelson Co Sheriff’s Office for personal reasons. I went on to work as a General Manager for McDonalds to pursue a career. During this time my passion for law enforcement grew stronger and I could not hold back from serving the people again. I went back into law enforcement as a deputy for another agency where I am currently employed. I have served the United States and local community for almost 20 years. I intend to serve my community for many years to come. 

Approved by Daniel Jones for Sheriff

United By A Common Goal



Mission Statement:

As your Sheriff I will maintain a professional, moral, and ethical department. I will defend and uphold the constitution of the United States. I will keep our community informed. I will always be fair and impartial. Continuously train our deputies so they can best serve our community. Staffing the School Resource Officer’s positions is my first and utmost priority. Our children deserve to be safe and protected. I want to ensure that there is always a heavy presence of deputies in our community to help deter crime.

To fully staff, retain, train and take care of the moral and welfare of our deputies. I plan to implement a schedule that allows the max number of deputies at target times. To provide community policing programs in areas of interest. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) enforcement will be a primary focus along with drug interdiction. I want to implement a community counter-crime coalition. 

I will build a better relationship with surrounding jurisdictions and establish mutual aid agreements with surrounding counties to ensure a wide amount of resources to assist with any emergency in an expeditious manner. We will implement natural disaster plans that will be trained on and ensure mutual aid responders are part of the training to best assist the community.

Staffing the department will take some time. Our community deserves the best. At full staff we will be able to train more, have max number of deputies on the road and we can assist our community faster and more efficiently. This will allow us to have deputies in all areas of our county. Implementing this has been proven to deter/stop criminal activity. My goal is to have our deputies patrolling the county in a manner that will cover more area and even the areas that have less to no criminal activity. 

I will provide an atmosphere that will increase the moral and comradery. Putting our deputies and community first, will help with retention and expansion of our department. I will implement a Project Life Saver Program. This program is designed to help find people with dementia, autism, and any other mental health challenges. There will be a team dedicated to respond in the event that someone is lost. 

Goals as your Sheriff:

1. Staff all Student Resource Officers’ positions first.

2. Hiring and Proper staffing

3. Implementing new policies and procedures

4. Implementing a drug interdiction plan and utilization of K9’s

5. Community policing and DARE program

6. Training 

7. Project lifesaving program

Approved by Daniel Jones for Sheriff

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Mission and vision to the deputies:

As your Sheriff, I will provide you with excellent leadership. I will always be fair and impartial when recommending reward and punishment. I will not use my rank to gain profit or personal satisfaction.  You will be treated with the utmost respect. You will be heard. You will be held to the highest standards and you will be held accountable. Your performance will reflect on your career advancement. There will always be room for advancement but that depends on you. Your expected to be moral, ethical and lawful always. We will train and advance in our day to day missions. I will take care of you. 

We will develop trust and take care of one another. Bring our families closer together to ensure a great support team. Provide everyone with time off so you can focus on your family. I want to hear new ideals and learn from you, as I hope you learn from me. I want to put a command staff together that are leaders and who will train you to take their jobs. I will give you 100%. I will ensure you have the best gear, training, focus and backup. You will be recognized for your hard work, awarded for going over and beyond, and appreciated. I will provide purpose, direction and motivation. We will be a department of one. 

Approved by Daniel Jones for Sheriff




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